This table has 1 row per user and per org id.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
BENTOVarcharA collection of machines that power the Outreach app. Orgs live inside these.This may distinguish orgs that are in different data centers.
BRIDGE_PHONEVarcharThe phone number associated with a users bridge_phone. Users may have more phones in the PHONES table.
BRIDGE_PHONE_EXTENSIONVarcharThe extension of their associated bridge phone.
CREATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe date the user record was created. May occur long before users initial login due to associated activity.
CREATOR_IDVarcharThe ID of the associated creator. This maps to different tables based on the creator type.
CREATOR_TYPEVarcharThe type of object that created the user.'User', 'Plugin', 'Import'
CURRENT_SIGN_IN_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for the most recent login for a user. With SSO and long sessions, a user may access the app multiple times based on a single "sign in".
CUSTOM_FIELDS_LONGVarcharJSON-encoded custom fields. Use parse_json(custom_fields_long) to access nested fields.{"custom1":"9000"}
DML_ATTimestamp_NTZA datetime (local to server) in which the row was last modified. dml_at can be used to identify updated and new records, but as tables may not see changed records every day, it is not authoritative on when the table was last synced. 2019-01-01 12:14:01:10Where dml_at::date >= current_date-7 This will return all rows modified in the last 7 days.
DML_TYPEVarcharThe type of manipulation that last occurred to a row.'update', 'delete', 'insert', 'backfill', 'backfill-delete'Where dml_type <> 'delete' Excludes deleted rows.
EMAILVarcharThe primary email associated with a user. This may differ from the MAILBOX email they use for Outreach.
FIRST_NAMEVarcharFirst name of the user.
IDVarcharRepresents an individual row of data in a table. Fields in other tables that match to this ID will be called thisTable_id. e.g. ID in the calls table will appear as the call_id in another table.Count(1), count(id), and count(distinct id) are equivalent in a table without joins or groupings for a given bento & o_id.
INBOUND_BRIDGE_PHONEVarcharThe phone number associated with a user for inbound calls. Users may have more phones in the PHONES table.
INBOUND_BRIDGE_PHONE_EXTENSIONVarcharThe extension of their associated inbound bridge phone.
INBOUND_CALL_BEHAVIORVarcharHow inbound calls should be routed when receiving an inbound call.
INBOUND_PHONE_TYPEVarcharDictates if an inbound call should only use Voip, Bridge, or a combination of bridge and voip.'voip', 'bridge', 'bridge_and_voip'
INBOUND_VOICEMAIL_CUSTOM_MESSAGE_TEXTVarcharA text version of the automated voicemail response.
INBOUND_VOICEMAIL_MESSAGE_TEXT_VOICEVarcharThe type of voice to be used for the inbound voicemail.
INBOUND_VOICEMAIL_PROMPT_TYPEVarcharThe type of inbound voicemail to be used.'automated', 'off', 'recorded'select user_id from users where inbound_voicemail_prompt = 'off'; returns a list of users with no inbound voicemail
INVITED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for when a user received an in-app invitation to Outreach.
IS_DELETED_IN_APPBooleanIs the latest dml_type "delete" or "backfill-delete".Where is_deleted_in_app = false Only keeps undeleted rows.
LAST_NAMEVarcharThe last name of the user.
LAST_SIGNED_IN_ATTimestamp_NTZThe date and time the user previously signed in.
LOCKEDBooleanA Boolean value of the users current ability to access Outreach.
MAILBOX_IDVarcharThe primary mailbox associated with a user. A user may have multiple mailboxes in the MAILBOX table beyond their primary.
ONBOARDED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for when a user completed their in-app onboarding after initial login.
O_IDVarcharOrganization ID, also called instance ID. This is the ID for your unique Outreach account.Most commonly used on joins alongside other primary keys. where a.o_id = b.o_id and = b.a_id
PHONEVarcharThe users primary phone number for outbound dialing.
PHONE_COUNTRY_CODEVarcharThe country code associated with the users primary phone.
PHONE_IDVarcharThe ID of the users primary phone in the PHONES table.
PHONE_TYPEVarcharHow the call executes calls when dialing.'voip', 'bridge'
PREFERRED_VOICE_REGIONVarcharTypically NULL. What country code a user dials out of by default.
PREFERS_LOCAL_PRESENCEBooleanBoolean field that dictates of a call should default to a local presence number when dialing via Outreach.
PROFILE_IDVarcharThe ID that maps a user to a profile in the PROFILES table.Maps to the PROFILES table
ROLEVarcharThe role associated with the user.This column is deprecated. Use role_id instead.
ROLE_IDVarcharThe ID of the role associated with the user.Maps to the ROLES table.
SIGN_IN_COUNTNumberThe cumulative # of times a user has signed in. This may appear odd when using SSO or long session durations.
SNIPPETS_VIEW_IDVarcharThe ID of the user's snippets view
SURROGATE_IDVarcharAn md5 hash of bento, o_id and ID for a table.This can be used to get distinct counts of records if an account has more than 1 org instance. Two orgs will both have a prospect with ID of "1" but each will have a different surrogate ID.
TEMPLATES_VIEW_IDVarcharThe ID of the user's templates view
TITLEVarcharThe users job title as entered in Outreach.
UPDATER_IDVarcharSame as creator_id above, but refers to who last did the update of the record.
UPDATER_TYPEVarcharSame as creator_type above, but may allow different field values.'plugin', 'app', 'user', 'trigger', 'import'