Opportunities Prospect Roles

This table has 1 row per prospect role, per opportunity, per primary flag, and per org id.

Note: Because of the nature of contacts and leads in many objects, unusual prospect assignment may occur for multiple roles.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
CREATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe date the prospect role was created in UTC datetime.Can be used to dedupe rows for prospects with multiple roles to favor more recently created role mappings
OPPORTUNITY_IDVarcharThe associated opportunity for this prospect role.Maps to the OPPORTUNITIES table
PRIMARYBooleanA Boolean flag for "Is the prospect the primary contact?".NULL can be assumed False
PROSPECT_IDVarcharThe associated prospect in Outreach.Maps to the PROSPECTS table
ROLEVarcharA categorical string for a role the prospect plays in the opportunity.Buyer', 'Influencer', 'Champion'