Kaia Meeting Participants

This table has 1 row per user, per meeting, and per org id.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
EMAILVarcharThe participant email.
EVENT_IDVarcharThe Kaia meeting ID.
EVENT_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe time of the latest update event (create/update/delete).
INSTANCE_IDVarcharThe unique identifier for the meeting.
IN_MEETING_IDVarcharThe order in which participants joined. It begins with '2'.
LONGEST_MONOLOGUE_MSECSNumberThe longest monologue in milliseconds.
MEETING_SEQ_IDNumberThe meeting sequence ID (deprecated).
NAMEVarcharThe participant's name.
OUTREACH_IDVarcharThe outreach user ID.Maps to USERS table
O_IDVarcharThe org guid.
PROSPECT_IDVarcharThe prospect ID.Maps to PROSPECTS table
QUESTIONS_ASKEDNumberThe number of questions a participant asked.'automated', 'off', 'recorded'select user_id from users where inbound_voicemail_prompt = 'off'; returns a list of users with no inbound voicemail
START_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe meeting start time.
TALK_TIME_MSECSNumberThe total talk time in milliseconds of the participant in the meeting.
TALK_TIME_RATEFloatThe rate of participant talking over total talk time of all participants.
USER_GUIDVarcharThe user guid for an Outreach user (empty for non-Outreach users).
WAIT_DURATION_MSECSNumberThe average time in milliseconds the participant waited before speaking after previous participant.