Welcome to the Outreach API documentation

Our platform API is built from the ground up to serve the complex needs of both our internal client applications and our customers and integration partners alike. Our API is based on REST principles and implements the JSON API 1.0 specification. All requests must be authenticated via the OAuth 2.0 protocol, and their authorization scope can be limited on a per-application, per-token basis. See Getting Started for more information.

The Outreach API - via the JSON API specification - supports fetching, creating, updating and deleting resources, and in Making Requests we describe the specific requirements for completing those requests. In addition, we describe how you can use complex query parameters to filter, sort and paginate collections of resources, as well as request included resources and sparse fieldsets.

In Common Patterns we outline important requests and the resources and relationships they require. Our API works great as a lightweight CRM, as an entry-point into our platform's advanced automation capabilities, and as a tool to collect platform statistics.

Finally, in the API Reference section we describe all of the resources that we support along with the request methods that they expose. Each resource section also contains detailed attribute and relationship information and an example request and response for each action.