Extend Outreach

The Outreach Sales Execution Platform helps your sales team to efficiently create pipeline and close more deals. Using Outreach APIs, you can build custom apps or bring 3rd-party data or services directly into Outreach, making your sales team even more productive and efficient. Create an app tailored for your team's specific needs or take advantage of Outreach’s app integrations catalogue to get exposure to over 5,000 global customers that trust Outreach as their sales execution platform.

What things can I create?

An Outreach app can contain one or more Outreach client extensions that let you integrate a custom widget directly into the Outreach client application. It also allows you to tap into built-in user workflows such as events or mailings.

With Outreach REST API, you can make programmatic queries to your Outreach instance to collect and change data. Rest APIs offer comprehensive control over most of the objects used in Outreach.

How do I start?

Create an app in your Outreach Developer Portal and configure the desired features and extensions. Please note that currently to make use of the developer tools, you need admin access to an Outreach organization. You can also request an Outreach sandbox instance to have a dedicated develop & test environment Create Outreach app