Delta Sharing

Outreach Data Sharing with Delta Sharing uses Delta Sharing's secure data sharing capabilities to provide your organization with access to Outreach data in a ready-to-query format. This allows you to combine Outreach data with other data sources, without the need to copy data or build custom data pipelines.

Supported Cloud Regions

Since Delta Sharing is a cloud-agnostic technology, Outreach Data Sharing with Delta Sharing is available in all clouds and all regions.

Currently, Outreach Data Sharing with Delta Sharing only supports Delta Sharing via Databricks.

Getting Started with Delta Sharing via Databricks

Setting up Outreach Data Sharing with Delta Sharing requires coordination between your Outreach Admin and your Databricks Account Admin.

Creating a Data Share from Outreach

To set up Data Sharing, your Outreach Admin needs to know your Databricks Sharing Identifier. In the Admin section of the Outreach app, customers with access to Data Sharing will have a tab for Data Sharing under System Activity. There, they can create a new data share by entering your Databricks Sharing Identifier so Outreach can connect with your Databricks account. Once the connection is created, the data will sync overnight.

Import the Data Share from Databricks

Please follow this guide from Databricks to import the data share through Databricks.

The specifics of how your organization chooses to configure Databricks depend entirely on your organization. For example, if you only want certain users to access certain tables, it's up to your organization to implement those sorts of controls.