Example Use Cases

Customers that bring together their sales execution data from Outreach with other key systems across their business find the value of their both increases far beyond what either provided alone.

Every day, organizations add more data to their ecosystem, and bringing that data together is vital to creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

A key value to working with raw data is the flexibility it provides. When you have instant access to everything, you can hypothesize, experiment, predict, and pivot faster.

Here are some example use cases for how Outreach data, combined with other sources, can add value to your organization.

Marketing technology data

  • Connect upstream lead channel information from marketing with downstream sequence response rates from Outreach to evaluate messaging effectiveness across the acquisition process
  • Join Outreach data with data from marketing touches to see how webinars, announcements, white papers, and campaigns affect topics and reactions in selling conversations

CRM data

  • Evaluate segmentation by reslicing your Outreach data according to regions, industries, changes to your named accounts, new strategic targeting lists, and more through the total flexibility of raw data
  • Combine Outreach data with data from multiple accounts over time to analyze success with key prospects that change organizations

Behavioral analytics data

  • Join Outreach data with in-app behavior for better attribution models to enhance your product-led growth strategy
  • Identify the magic moments in your trial and evaluation period that mark the turning point in sales execution success

Customer intelligence data

  • Connect Outreach data with information about the competitor products your prospects have used in the past to better predict objections and key differentiators to target
  • Use intelligence on your prospects’ competitive landscape to identify their likely internal business priorities, and compare that to sales execution success data from Outreach