Web widget extensions

Web widget extensions allow you to display content of a web widget in a several places of the Outreach client application. You can configure the extension to pass a set of contextual data to the widget allowing it to display useful information to the end user.

Following extension types are currently available:

  • Shell extension - launches your widget as a full-page application embedded into Outreach.
  • Tab extension - adds a custom tab with your widget to the Prospect/Opportunity/Account detail page.
  • Tile extension - adds a new tile containing your widget. The end user may choose to place your tile on their Prospect/Account overview pages.

You are free to use any available technology to create your extension (for example React). To receive contextual data your extension should use our lightweight JavaScript SDK.

Configuring web-widget extensions

Go to editing your app and open "Feature selection" tab from the menu on the left. Then add one of the Tile/Tab/Shell extensions. Feature selection screen

Then on the extension configuration page put in the URL of your web widget and select the Context properties that you'd like to be passed to the widget. To read the properties you should use the JavaScript SDK. This article provides more details.

Shell extension

Shell extension launches from the main Outreach sidebar. Create this extension if you intend to introduce a whole new section to Outreach client. You can configure to receive user and org data in the extension.

Shell extension launches from main Outreach sidebar

Tab extension

Tab extension launches from a tab on either Prospect/Account/Opportunity detail page. Create this extension if you intend to provide a widget that deals with individual prospect, account or opportunity. Aside from user and org you can configure to receive the currently opened prospect, account or opportunity data.

Prospect extension launches from a tab on Prospect detail page

Tile extension

Tile extension allows you to create a new widget on the prospect or account overview page. Create this extension if you intend to provide condensed information about prospect or account. Tile extension can be configured to receive user, org and prospect or account data.

Prospect overview with tiles