Outreach client extensions overview

Following extensions are currently available:

  • Web-widget extensions - allow you to display content of a web widget inside the Outreach client application
    • Shell extension - launches your widget as a full-page application embedded into Outreach.
    • Tab extension - adds a custom tab with your widget to the Prospect/Opportunity/Account detail page.
    • Tile extension - adds a new tile containing your widget. The end user may choose to place your tile on their Prospect/Account overview pages.
  • Text editor extension - adds a new button to the Outreach' built-in text editor that launches your widget. The widget is expected to return HTML content to be injected into the message.
  • Activity feed custom events - allows you to send a custom event into prospect activity feed.
  • Mailing link custom tracker - allows you to replace the embedded links in Outreach mailings with custom tracking URLs.