Release Notes

May 2024

  • Kaia Meeting Reactions is now generally available.
  • Kaia Meeting Topics is now generally available.
  • Added new roles table.
  • Added role_id field to the users table.
  • Deprecated role field in the users table.
  • Added conference_url field to the calendars table.

March 2024

  • Added new content_category_ownership table

March 2024

  • Added description, last_used-at, primary_reply_action, schedule_interval_type, and secondary_reply_action fields to the Sequences table
  • Added action, scheduled_at, and task_type fields to the Tasks table
  • Added role, snippets_view_id, and templates_view_id fields to the Users table

January 2024

  • Added currency_type field to the Opportunities table


Since the release of this documentation, from July-November 2023, we have changed the following:


  • (Getting Started) Supported Cloud Region
    • AWS
      • EU West 1 (Ireland)
  • Best Practices
    • Security section
      • Best practice suggesting use of column-specific access controls to enable you to preview data before release (i.e. enable staging).
  • Tables
    • Data for calendar meetings created in or synced into Outreach
      • Calendars
      • Meetings
      • Meeting Attendees
    • Data for Kaia meetings
      • Kaia Content Cards Activity
      • Kaia Highlights Activity
      • Kaia Meeting Participants
      • Kaia Meeting Reactions (Beta)
      • Kaia Meeting Topics (Beta)
      • Kaia Recordings Viewed
      • Kaia Meetings
    • Data classifying replies to sequenced emails
      • Email Sentiment


  • meetings.created_at
    • Definition changed to clarify that this is the timestamp for when the meeting was created in Outreach (e.g. synced), and is not the same as external_created_at.