This table has 1 row per meeting (unique meetings gathered from calendar events) and per org id.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
ALL_DAYBooleanWhether the meeting time was set to all day.
BENTOVarcharA collection of machines that power the Outreach app. Orgs live inside these.This may distinguish orgs that are in different data centers.
BOOKER_IDVarcharThe prospect ID if booked by calendar extension, otherwise the user who owns the event. In SDR use cases, if this was not booked by a prospect, it is the AE or other individual the SDR booked on behalf of. Booker_ID can equal Creator_ID if booked by an Outreach user on their own behalf.Maps to USERS table or PROSPECTS table
CALENDAR_IDSArrayThe IDs of the calendars this event is associated with.Maps to CALENDARS table
CANCELEDBooleanWhether the meeting has been canceled.
CREATED_ATTimestamp_NTZWhen the meeting was originally created in Outreach. (This is not the same as external_created_at, when the meeting was originally created/booked in the originating calendar system.)
CREATOR_IDVarcharThe ID of the Outreach user who originally booked the event, or who provided the calendar extension link for a prospect to book on. In SDR use cases, generally the SDR.Maps to USERS table
CREATOR_TYPEVarcharA string describing the type of individual who originally booked the event.'User', 'Prospect'
DESCRIPTIONVarcharThe body of the calendar event.
DML_ATTimestamp_NTZA datetime (local to server) in which the row was last modified. dml_at can be used to identify updated and new records, but as tables may not see changed records every day, it is not authoritative on when the table was last synced. 2019-01-01 12:14:01:10Where dml_at::date >= current_date-7 This will return all rows modified in the last 7 days.
DML_TYPEVarcharThe type of manipulation that last occurred to a row.'update', 'delete', 'insert', 'backfill', 'backfill-delete'Where dml_type <> 'delete' Excludes deleted rows.
END_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe time at which the event ends.
EVENT_LINKVarcharA link to the 3rd party event.
EXTERNAL_CREATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe created at time in the external system.
EXTERNAL_EVENT_IDVarcharThe event ID in the external system._70o42ha18kpk2b9j88o48b9k88rk8b9o6
EXTERNAL_UPDATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe updated at time in the external system.
ICAL_IDVarcharThe ical ID for this event.
ICAL_SEQUENCEVarcharFrom the ical spec: "This property defines the revision sequence number of the calendar component within a sequence of revisions."
IDVarcharA unique ID for this meeting.
IS_DELETED_IN_APPBooleanIs the latest dml_type "delete" or "backfill-delete".Where is_deleted_in_app = false Only keeps undeleted rows.
LOCATIONVarcharThe location specified on the meeting event.
NO_SHOW_ATTimestamp_NTZThe time at which the event was marked as no show.
ONLINE_MEETING_LINKVarcharThis link attached to meeting events over the internet, e.g. with Zoom.
OPPORTUNITY_IDSArrayThis is a list of any IDs for opportunities that Outreach users have associated with their calendar event for this meeting.This may not be comprehensive as it relies on users manually assigning an opportunity to the synced-in calendar event.
ORGANIZERBooleanThis is a deprecated field. See meeting_attendees to identify the organizer.
O_IDVarcharOrganization ID, also called instance ID. This is the ID for your unique Outreach account.Most commonly used on joins alongside other primary keys. where a.o_id = b.o_id and = b.a_id
RECURRINGBooleanTrue if this is an occurrence of a recurring meeting.
RECURRING_EXTERNAL_EVENT_IDVarcharThe external event ID of the recurring event this event is an occurrence of.
SENSITIVEBooleanTrue if this event is marked as private in the 3rd party calendar.
SOURCEVarcharThe source of the event.'sync'
START_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe time the meeting was scheduled to begin.
SURROGATE_IDVarcharAn md5 hash of bento, o_id and ID for a table.
SYNCED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe time at which this meeting was synced from the 3rd party calendar into Outreach.
SYNC_ATTEMPTSNumberThe number of attempts that were made to sync an outreach created event to gcal/outlook
SYNC_STARTED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe time the last sync attempt was initiated.
TITLEVarcharTitle of the meeting.
UPDATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for the last time this record was updated.2019-01-01 20:14:01:10Almost equivalent to dml_at (but adjusted for time zones), but doesn't include record creation or deletion.