This table has 1 row per template and per org id.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
ARCHIVED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime that the template was archived and removed from selection for users.
BENTOVarcharA collection of machines that power the Outreach app. Orgs live inside these.This may distinguish orgs that are in different data centers.
BODY_HTMLVarcharThe HTML used to populate the body of an email. Includes variables.'<div>Hello {first_name}</div>'
BODY_TEXTVarcharThe plain text used to populate the body of an email. Includes variables.'Hello {first_name}'
BOUNCE_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email bounces.
CLICK_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email clicks if click tracking was enabled.
CLONED_FROM_IDVarcharThe ID of a template if it was copied from one.Maps to the TEMPLATES table
CREATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe datetime when the template was created.
CREATOR_IDVarcharThe ID for whomever created a record in Outreach, or who updated it if records are overwritten when changed. Maps to different tables based on the "creator_type" field.
DELIVER_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email deliveries.
DML_ATTimestamp_NTZA datetime (local to server) in which the row was last modified. dml_at can be used to identify updated and new records, but as tables may not see changed records every day, it is not authoritative on when the table was last synced. 2019-01-01 12:14:01:10Where dml_at::date >= current_date-7 This will return all rows modified in the last 7 days.
DML_TYPEVarcharThe type of manipulation that last occurred to a row.'update', 'delete', 'insert', 'backfill', 'backfill-delete'Where dml_type <> 'delete' Excludes deleted rows.
FAILURE_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email failures, typically from bad variables, or bad mailbox configurations.
IDVarcharRepresents an individual row of data in a table. Fields in other tables that match to this ID will be called thisTable_id. e.g. ID in the calls table will appear as the call_id in another table.Count(1), count(id), and count(distinct id) are equivalent in a table without joins or groupings for a given bento & o_id.
IS_DELETED_IN_APPBooleanIs the latest dml_type "delete" or "backfill-delete".Where is_deleted_in_app = false Only keeps undeleted rows.
LAST_USED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for when this template was last applied to a mailing.
NAMEVarcharThe name of a template if available.
OPEN_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email opens if open tracking was enabled.
OPT_OUT_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of emails with opt out requests.
OWNER_IDVarcharThe user that has full rights to the template ID.Maps to the USERS table
O_IDVarcharOrganization ID, also called instance ID. This is the ID for your unique Outreach account.Most commonly used on joins alongside other primary keys. where a.o_id = b.o_id and a.id = b.a_id
REPLY_COUNTNumberThe cumulative sum of email replies.
SHARE_TYPEVarcharA categorical flag for the privacy of a template.'private', 'shared'
SUBJECTVarcharThe default subject line of a template. Includes variables.'{mycompany}/{account_name} Initial Call'
SURROGATE_IDVarcharAn md5 hash of bento, o_id and ID for a table.This can be used to get distinct counts of records if an account has more than 1 org instance. Two orgs will both have a prospect with ID of "1" but each will have a different surrogate ID.
UPDATED_ATTimestamp_NTZThe UTC datetime for the last time this record was updated.2019-01-01 20:14:01:10Almost equivalent to dml_at (but adjusted for time zones), but doesn't include record creation or deletion.
UPDATER_IDVarcharSame as creator_id above, but refers to who last did the update of the record.