Kaia Meetings

This table has 1 row per meeting and per org id.

o_id and instance_id together uniquely identify the meeting.

ColumnTypeDefinitionSample Value(s)Sample Use
ACCESS_SCOPEVarcharThe meeting access scope.'public', 'protected', 'private'
ACCOUNT_IDVarcharThe account the meeting is associated with.Maps to the ACCOUNTS table
BOT_IN_MEETING_MSECSNumberThe duration of Bot in the meeting in milliseconds.
BUYERSNumberThe number of buyers (i.e., non Outreach users).
CALENDAR_EVENT_IDVarcharThe ID of the calendar event (deprecated).
END_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe meeting end time.
EVENT_IDVarcharThe event ID.
EVENT_SUB_TYPEVarcharThe type of event.'create', 'update', 'delete'
EVENT_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe time the event (see event_sub_type above) was created.
HAS_PROSPECTBooleanWhether there was a prospect present. This counts a non Outreach user as a prospect.
HOST_GUIDVarcharThe meeting host guid.
HOST_IDVarcharThe meeting host outreach ID.Maps to the USERS table
IDVarcharThe unique meeting ID.Maps to the MEETINGS table
INSTANCE_IDVarcharThe meeting instance ID.
IS_ON_DEMANDBooleanWhether Kaia is added on demand (vs. auto joined).
JOIN_URLVarcharThe meeting provider url (for example, Zoom or Teams).
MEETING_SEQ_IDNumberThe meeting sequence ID (deprecated).
MEETING_TYPE_IDNumberThe ID associated with the meeting type.
OPPORTUNITY_IDNumberThe ID associated with the opportunity.Maps to the OPPORTUNITIES table
OPPORTUNITY_STAGE_IDNumberThe ID associated with the opportunity stage.
O_IDVarcharOrganization ID, also called instance ID. This is the ID for your unique Outreach account.Most commonly used on joins alongside other primary keys. where a.o_id = b.o_id and a.id = b.a_id
PROVIDERVarcharThe meeting provide.'zoom', 'teams', 'voice_twillio', 'gong'
RECORDING_URLVarcharThe meeting recording URL.
SOURCE_IDVarcharAn ID with respect to the source_type.
SOURCE_TYPEVarcharThe type of meeting.'calendar', 'voice', 'gong'
START_TIMETimestamp_NTZThe time the bot joined the meeting.