Publishing apps

To make your app discoverable by end users you need to publish it. To do so, open the app for editing in the Outreach Development Portal and select the "Review and Publish" section which will lead you through the publishing process consisting of 3 steps.

Specify the availability of your app

You can publish your app exclusively for your organization or make it public for all Outreach organizations. When you make your app public, our support team will review the app before it can be published. Please note that creating public apps is currently limited to selected partners and may not be available for your organization. Reach out to your support representative in this case.

Publishing an app for your organization only does not require a review.

Review app metadata

The wizard will provide a summary of all the metadata you have specified for your application and will highlight missing pieces in yellow. Add the necessary metadata and then review and agree to the related Outreach policies.

Publish app

Next, select the "Publish" button and your app will appear in the Outreach Integration catalog. Outreach administrators will be able to discover and publish your app integration.

Maintaining your app

Once you have published your Outreach app you may need to make changes to it. Any changes made in the Developer Portal won't affect the live version of your app. To apply your changes to the live app, go through the publishing process again.

Hiding published app

You can temporarily hide a published application from the Outreach Integration catalogue. This will prevent new installations, but the app will still be available for users that have previously installed it.