Outreach Data Sharing with Snowflake grants your organization access to the data stored in Outreach by leveraging Snowflake’s secure data sharing protocol. Your Outreach admin can initiate a share from your Outreach account to a Snowflake account in a supported cloud region with no engineering skills required. See Getting Started for more information.

In the Common Queries section we provide examples of the kinds of questions our customers use Outreach Data Sharing to answer. They are designed to help you understand the content of and relationships between tables and fields in the shared data. These queries can be run as-is in most cases, but are simplified. The queries are compatible with Snowflake SQL.

Next, in the Data Dictionary we describe all the tables and fields that are included in Outreach Data Sharing. They include descriptions, and sample values or notes when required.

Finally, you can review what's changed, including what new tables or fields have been added to the Data Dictionary, in Release Notes.

Outreach Data Sharing with Snowflake is covered under the Terms of Service of your Master Service Agreement. More information about privacy and sharing via Snowflake can be found here.